5 Reasons why beginner hates web-frame work?

Working on spring framework and Cake PHP framework make me realize why beginners hate web-framework. I had heard a lot of eulogy about spring so I was eager to use the spring framework. Initially, I found the framework enigmatic. Aspect Oriented programming, Dependency injection, Bean creation, Validation and Hibernate everything was completely new for me. At first, to create a simple “hello world” was also daunting task for me. Fortunately, my team leader was expert in all those things and he was so helpful. So, we keep on learning all those stuffs during the course of the project. Now, I am working with energetic programmers on CakePHP framework. As I am familiar with MVC, Cake PHP is yummy for me. Although my teammates were familiar with PHP but MVC was new for them. So, at the beginning they were arguing “Why we are using any framework?” And they were not convinced about the productivity of the framework too.

As per my personal experience, following are the 5 reasons why beginner hates web-framework

1) Comparing everything with hello world.

I have found in many pages which compares languages by showing in how many line they can display “hello world” and something simple things like this. I have found the good impression of such pages on the beginner. So, when I say you need MODEL, VIEW and CONTROLLER to create a simple app to a beginner, they simply think that frame-work adds overhead because they have to create three pages to create a simple hello world.

2) Coding Convention

While working with the Cake PHP naming convention of the model view and controller have annoyed my team members and it reminds me the days when novice to the spring frame work.

3) Functionality provided by the framework

Beginners prefer to use their own code even though the framework provides it. Once,

One of my teammates argued with me regarding the CakePHP validation. At first he used his own JavaScript based validation. But After working with numbers of pages he realized that it’s effective to use the CakePHP validation and was convinced to use that.

4) MVC is overhead for beginner.

Actually MVC systematize the development process itself. Work of the programmer and designer can be easily separated. So, coding and designing can go hand on hand. Its difficult for the beginner to visualize the program flow with MVC. However, it is difficult to convince the beginner about MVC pattern until and unless they get involved in any large projects.

5) Framework is difficult to understand.

For any one who is new to any framework, s/he has problem on even in simple things. Only difference is that for the people who have already worked in other frameworks can compare the features and quickly learn the things. But, for the novice it is too difficult to grasp a lot of new terminology at a time. So, all these terminology intimidate the novice.